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Sustainable leather alternative CORK

Sustainably manufactured from the renewable cork of the cork oak in Portugal. Cork is a wonderful alternative to animal materials and is in no way inferior to them in terms of function and feel. Cork is particularly characterized by its great properties out of:

robust, tear-resistant, water-repellent, light and pleasant to the touch, vegan, dimensionally stable, biodegradable, renewable raw material...

NOAS philosophy

Fair production in Berlin


It is important to us to work in an environmentally friendly way, which is why we completely do without plastic packaging and use sustainable materials such as cork, among other things. In order to avoid packaging waste, we collect cardboard boxes and filling material in order to reuse them whenever possible.

Fair & sustainable

Fair production in Berlin: The design and production are in our hands. Sustainability is particularly important to us. Our products are 100% vegan. Small scraps of material are left over when cutting. These are collected and processed as far as possible, e.g. for our key rings or mini bags.

Quality & individuality

We attach great importance to a unique design and high-quality workmanship. From the selection of the ingredients to the finished product. The attention to detail runs through the entire production process.

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