Our materials for your individual production

Do you have an individual wish ? We also manufacture the bags from the NOAS range according to your individual material requirements . Design your favorite bag! Here you have an overview of our fabric warehouse and can find out about the material properties in advance. We charge an extra fee for individual productions , depending on the amount of work/product and material.

leather alternative


Sustainably manufactured from the renewable cork of the cork oak in Portugal. Cork is particularly characterized by its stability and tear resistance. It is also robust, water-repellent, light, pleasant to the touch and at the same time dimensionally stable.

cork black

cork nature

Cork light brown

Cork Black Gold

Cork natural gold

Cork Black Silver

Cork Natural Monstera

Cork Natural Rainbow

Cork Black Rainbow

Cork Natural Rainbow

Cork mint

cork pink

Cork purple


A robust canvas of high quality. A beautiful visual effect is achieved through the colored mottled mix with the typical nub structure . It is also water-repellent , behaving like a wool coat. The material weighs 350 g/m² - it is therefore not a thin product and therefore ideal for bags. With Oeko-Tex 100 seal.

Canvas black

Canvas dark grey

Canvas light gray nude

forest green

dusky pink

Canvas dark blue

Canvas mustard yellow


A robust cord of high quality. The surface has a velvety appearance and shines depending on the light, which creates a beautiful look with the wide corduroy ribs . The material weighs 300 g/m² - so it is not a thin product and is therefore ideal for bags. Material Composition: Polyester & Nylon. With Oeko-Tex 100 seal.

Cord forest green

Cord Honey

Corduroy Greige

Light corduroy denim

leather alternative


Piñatex® is a vegan leather alternative made from fibers from the pineapple plant - a waste product of the pineapple harvest. The material has a nice structure and is thicker than cork , making it ideal for bags.

Pinatex Old Pink

Pinatex Charcoal


In many different colors.

Faux suede, smooth leather, metallic effect..

Faux Suede Black

Faux suede nude

Faux suede light grey

Faux suede hazelnut

Faux suede turquoise

Faux Suede Navy

Faux leather black

Faux leather dark grey

Faux leather light grey

Metallic faux leather grey

Metallic faux leather platinum

Metallic faux leather flamingo

Metallic faux leather gold

Metallic faux leather pink

Faux leather dusky pink

Faux leather Navy

Faux leather brown

Faux leather black